Lashes 4:1, 5:1

Whether you’re a professional beauty salon owner looking to provide more variety to their offer, or a door-to-door stylist just beginning their journey with beauty treatments and makeup, eyelash extensions will definitely be a thing you will want to keep an eye on. More and more women decide to use false eyelashes to improve their appearance, as it is an efficient way of doing so. The treatments do not take long and are very affordable, and the effects can easily hold longer than a month, although most clients decide to redo their lashes every two weeks to keep the effects intact. If you’re a stylist yourself, you need to know about all the different types of eyelash extensions, including Lashes 4:1, 5:1. These lashes, also called 4D and 5D, will allow your clients to enjoy a gorgeous look, with eyelashes full of volume.

Incredible eyelash volume - Lashes 4:1, 5:1

Lashes 4:1, 5:1 are one of the most popular types of eyelashes, creating a glamorous look with highly increased volume. Apart from the standard 1:1 eyelash extension methods, there is a wide choice of techniques ranging from 2D to 8D. This number simply means the amount of lashes that will be attached to each individual lash during the treatment. Lashes 4:1, 5:1, are in the middle of the spectrum, attaching respectively either four or five lashes to a single lash of your client. These two methods have been increasingly popular lately, as they create a sophisticated result with a high level of volume, but are not so over-the-top as to look out of place. These lashes are usually better for special occasions, as they are still a bit too spectacular to wear them daily.

Reasons to invest in Lashes 4:1, 5:1

If you’re a stylist yourself, you might want to add 4D and 5D lashes to your offer, as more and more clients want eyelash extensions done with these two techniques. For many women, simple 1D and 2D lashes are not enough, as even though they are universal and look great in any setting, their effect is not as spectacular as that of Lashes 4:1, 5:1. On the other hand, going even higher to the levels of 6D to 8D, can create over the top results which can be seen as out of place. Moreover, not every type of natural lashes will work with such a large number of eyelashes attached to them. Fragile eyelashes in poor condition can only hold so much weight, even though Noble Lashes provides false lashes that are extremely light and should not cause any discomfort to regular, healthy eyelashes. The upside of 4D and 5D lashes is that they can still be worn casually, but if you’re interested in eyelash extensions for day to day purposes only, you might want to think about 1D to 3D. 

What are 4:1 eyelashes?

The 4:1 eyelash extension method, also very frequently called 4D, is done by attaching a bundle of false eyelashes into a single real eyelash. In the case of the 4D technique, the amount of hairs in a bundle is four. Moreover, the bundles differ between each other, as some of them use eyelashes that are longer or thicker, while other bundles are, in general, shorter and thinner. The shorter and thinner lashes are usually used for the corners of your eye so that you do not feel the lashes on your eyelids. In our premium palettes at Noble Lashes, you will find a couple of dozen of those bundles in every row, developed to be easily taken out from the box. Our innovative use of special adhesive allows the treatment to be done way quicker and with much more comfort than before, allowing both professional and beginner stylists to enjoy their work.

Introducing 5D lashes

If what you’re looking for is a truly spectacular effect, 5D lashes are exactly what you’re after. These lashes combine five lashes in a single bundle, adding an incredible amount of volume. Even though so many hairs are attached to each of your individual natural lashes, the extensions won’t be uncomfortable due to the premium synthetic materials used in our false eyelashes. Previously, stylists used to refrain from applying lashes above 4D to their clients, as the weight could easily be uncomfortable and sometimes even unhealthy to their eyes. However, with the newest advances in eyelash making, new synthetic materials were created which are very lightweight but still remain soft, durable, and gorgeous. Thanks to these innovations, bundles of up to 8 lashes can be applied to a single natural eyelash, and the client will not feel any difference! 

How do I apply Lashes 4:1, 5:1?

When it comes to the application of 4D and 5D lashes, the process is really simple and even beginner stylists shouldn’t have any problems with it. The first thing you want to do is remove any remnants of makeup from your clients, using a good quality makeup remover. After that, clean your client’s natural eyelashes with a cleaner to prepare them for the application. You should also use a special cosmetic tape to safeguard the lower eyelashes of your client, so that they do not get in the way, or else they might destroy the effect or even get damaged. You will need the regular set of accessories for applying eyelash extensions – an eyelash adhesive, a set of precision tweezers, a glue ring, and a lash comb. If your client was previously wearing eyelash extensions or strip eyelashes, make sure to also use a remover to get the old adhesive out of the way. After you are finished preparing your client’s eyelashes, you may begin to pluck the bundles out of the palette with the use of tweezers. Use a small amount of glue and attach the bundle to your client’s eyelashes. Repeat the process for the rest of lashes. Remember, that precision is the key to achieve a desirable effect, so don’t hurry and remain careful!

Premium eyelashes and more available at Noble Lashes

Noble Lashes is a supplier of professional false eyelashes, eyelash extension supplies, and other cosmetic products. We pour all of our hearts into our products, so that you and your clients may enjoy the highest quality of service. In our offer, you will find an arrangement of various types of eyelash extensions, as well as simple strip lashes which you can apply at home. Our offer includes Eco Volume Lashes, Russian Volume Lashes, Flat Cashmire Lashes, Mink Lashes (including Mink Lashes Mini and Mink Lashes Smart), Lashes 4:1, 5:1, Y & W Lashes, and more! Apart from eyelashes, you will find any accessories and other supplies that a stylist may need to provide treatments, including removers, cleaners, primers, tweezers, and many other application accessories. We also provide supplies for permanent makeup treatments, such as microblading, or semi-permanent ones, like henna and mascara. 

Noble Lashes caters to professional salon owners and beginners alike!

Even if you do not have years of experience running your own beauty salon, you will find everything you may need at Noble Lashes. To cater to beginner stylists, we have included packagings of lower quantities, which have a high variety of eyelash types stashed inside. This will allow you to spend less money on supplies, as you won’t have to buy bulk amounts of every single type of lashes. We even have special starter kits, created specifically with beginner beauticians in mind! Moreover, we provide a selection of promotional materials and publications which you can use to better promote your services.

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