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Whether your natural lashes are fragile and brittle or you simply need something extra to finish your look for an oncoming event, eyelash extensions are the perfect beauty treatment for you. Any woman can undergo an eyelash extension treatment, and since there are so many types, models, lengths, curls, and thickness levels available, each and every woman will easily find something that suits her style. The versatility of false lashes is what made them as popular as they are, and that popularity only increases with every year. Artificial eyelashes can easily increase the volume of your natural lashes and give them a luscious curl, easily customizable to your likings. Something to wear on a daily basis? Choose simple 1:1 eyelash extensions. Something fancier, perhaps? A wide variety of volumetric eyelash extensions are available. However, if you’re looking for something truly spectacular, we present to you our colored eyelashes!

What are colored eyelashes?

As the name suggests, colored lashes are simply eyelash extensions of non-standard colour. A vast majority of eyelash extensions you will find available on the market are in the standard black colour. While even black lashes can easily create a breathtaking makeover, colored eyelash extensions can give you some additional pizzazz. With a wide variety of available colours presented by Noble Lashes, you will easily be able to match the eyelashes to your style, mood, and the event you’re preparing for. Colored lash extensions are also a perfect solution to break out of your usual makeup routine and try something crazy and unique, even if you’re not going to start wearing them every day. The colored lashes sold at Noble Lashes are silky smooth and very durable, so you won’t have to worry about them getting damaged as you go.

Noble Lashes presents – mixed palettes of colored eyelash extensions!

At Noble Lashes, we want to make beauty treatments as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, both when it comes to the effect and the application process itself. That is why we have decided to include MIX colored lashes palettes into our offer. The palettes combine individual eyelashes of varying lengths, sorted into six rows. This solution is great for both professional beauty salon owners, who want to keep their supplies categorized and tidy, as well as for beginner stylists, who don’t need bulk amounts of every single length of eyelashes. Our mixed palettes allow you to save money and are very space-efficient. Moreover, if you’re a door-to-door beautician, you won’t have to pack dozens of boxes of eyelashes with you – only a single MIX palette from Noble Lashes!

What types of colored lash extensions are there?

Even though are palettes already combine few different lengths of eyelashes, there is much more choice available, allowing you to perfectly customize your purchase. First of all, the colored eyelashes we offer come in a few different curl types. At this moment, Noble Lashes offers colourful eyelash extensions in B and C curl types. As you add the product to your cart, you will also be able to choose the desired thickness. However, our range of colours is what makes our colored eyelash extensions so unique. Noble Lashes boasts a wide selection of shades, including blue, purple, green, yellow, red, pink, white, and more! Moreover, several shades of a given colour are available, for example, dark blue or light blue.

The secret to colored lashes’ popularity

While colourful lashes are sure to bring everybody’s attention to your eyes, what exactly makes them so sought-after? The most appealing aspect of colored eyelashes is their uniqueness, which can make any makeover breathtaking. These coloured beauties have been popular among models and actresses all over the world, who want a dramatic look for their runways and movie premieres. However, colored eyelash extensions are no longer available only to the wealthy and famous! Now, anyone can wear them, and a wide variety of colours is available to cater to every woman out there. Moreover, you can easily further customize the final effect, by using a higher or lesser number of coloured eyelashes in your makeover. You can even go all-out and choose a couple of different colours of eyelashes for a single look! Keep in mind, that you should always pick the colours that match your complexion and eye colour. It will also matter whether you have blond or dark hair!

Noble Lashes – premium colored eyelashes and more!

Here at Noble Lashes, we offer high-quality beauty products, including our wide selection of colored eyelash extensions. We have recently featured a new line of multi-colour eyelashes, which combine different shades of the same colour to create an even more stunning effect. In this line, we feature an all shades of red palette, all shades of blue palette, malachite jewel palette, all shades of brown palette, and our special rainbow palette, which combines all of those colours in one handy box. Noble Lashes also features more types and models of eyelash extensions, including standard 1:1 eyelashes, 2D – 5D lashes, artificial mink eyelashes, tinted lashes, Camelia lashes, Flat Cashmire lashes, Russian Volume lashes, and more.

What else does Noble Lashes provide?

Noble Lashes is a supplier of premium beauty products, including many items in its offer besides eyelash extensions. In our store, you will find a wide selection of high-grade eyelash adhesives, strip eyelashes for amateur use, as well as an assortment of application accessories such as mascara wands, applicators, glue rings, eye pads, cosmetic tapes, cosmetic lamps, and more. We also provide cleaners, primers, removers, and conditioners to use before and after treatments. Furthermore, Noble Lashes offers various types of tweezers, skincare products, eyelash lifting and microblading supplies, as well as henna tinting supplies and semi-permanent mascaras. Cleanliness is very important in every beauty salon, which is why we also offer a premium selection of disinfection products at affordable prices.

Professional accessories and expert-level training courses at Noble Lashes

Apart from beauty products, which we cater to both beginner beauticians and professional beauty salons, Noble Lashes features amenities useful for both big and small businesses. You will find a range of cosmetic cases at our store, which will allow you to easily sort and organize your cosmetics and supplies. Our starter kits are a perfect choice for beginner beauticians, as they include all of the essentials you might need as you start your journey as a stylist. Furthermore, we also offer promotional materials, publications, and surveys for your clients. We also organize training courses, lead by professional and experienced stylists, who will share their experience with you. The courses will provide you with certificates, allowing you to perform more complicated treatments on your clients. For a full selection of our courses, make sure to check our website!

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