Flat Cashmire Lashes

Natural lashes are always a lottery and not every woman out there is born with lush, magnificent lashes. However, this is exactly the reason why artificial lashes and lash extensions were invented – to help those less endowed by nature. With false lashes, you can highlight your eyes and make a sophisticated look without spending an exorbitant amount of time in front of the mirror applying makeup. While false eyelashes are easy to apply and you can do that by yourself at home, the effect won’t be as spectacular as eyelash extensions. Extending your eyelashes has become immensely popular as of late, with many novel techniques being developed to cater to clients’ needs. One of such techniques is Flat Cashmire lashes, which add volume and make your eyes stand out.

Benefits of Flat Cashmire lashes

If you’re thinking about getting eyelash extensions, Flat Cashmire lashes are a great way to do it. The method will immensely increase the volume of your natural eyelashes, due to their innovative application technique. Flat Cashmire lashes are very light and delicate, making them virtually unnoticeable on your eyes. At the same time, due to their flattened shape, Flat Cashmire lashes appear thick and lush. The shape of the lashes allows them to remain both lightweight and durable, increasing the volume of your natural eyelashes better than any other false eyelashes and most eyelash extension techniques would. We recommend professionals to include this lash extension technique into their repertoire of treatments, as it is highly popular and clients will swarm to get their eyelashes done this way!

What makes Flat Cashmire lashes better than others?

In modern times, our environment is under constant danger from human-made sources. We emit more and more greenhouse gases each year and produce more and more plastic. Even though there are a lot of initiatives that aim to reduce the carbon footprint produced by humanity, most of the world sadly does not care enough to change anything. What’s more, natural ecosystems of countless animal species are being destroyed every day. Flat Cashmire lashes are produced out of fully synthetic materials, which do not create much waste and don’t endanger any animals in the process. Help us make the world a better place and switch to Flat Cashmire lashes, or other eco-friendly synthetic lashes, especially if you’ve used animal fur eyelashes in the past, such as natural mink eyelashes.

Flat Cashmire lashes – durable, comfortable, and lightweight

If you own a beauty salon, Flat Cashmire lashes can be a great addition to your offer. As with other types of eyelash extensions, such as Russian Volume or Eco Volume, Flat Cashmire lashes are increasing in popularity with every day, as women want to improve their appearance without having to spend hours upon hours applying makeup every day. Women also often choose eyelash extensions over permanent makeup, such as eyebrow microblading, as even though they will last you a long time, you always have the ability to remove them if you need to. Flat Cashmire lashes are comfortable to apply and wear, making the whole process easier for both the client and the stylist. At the same time, this technique of eyelash extension creates a wonderful effect. The colour of the extensions is a very deep black, which makes the whole look more sophisticated and glamorous.

Flat Cashmire lashes last longer than other lashes!

Nobody wants to sacrifice their time and money to re-visit the beauty salon every other day to have their eyelashes fixed. When it comes to durability, Flat Cashmire lashes are one of the best choices available on the market, as they can last you a very long time without the need to cater to them. The Flat Cashmire lashes sold at Noble Lashes have been created using an innovative technique, which extends the life of lashes be even a couple of weeks longer than what other, regular lashes can offer. The sturdiness of our lashes is achieved mainly thanks to the shape of the lashes, as the flat surface easily catches your natural lashes and sticks well. This will undoubtedly appeal to clients who do not have the time to re-do their eyelash extensions more than once every couple of weeks.

What occasions are Flat Cashmire lashes good for?

Flat Cashmire lashes are a very universal technique of eyelash extension, which means almost every woman will look dashing with them on. While you should still modify the treatment to be as fitting for the individual client as possible, Flat Cashmire lashes don’t require much tinkering with. Furthermore, cashmire lashes will work just as perfectly in formal settings, such as office parties or weddings, and in day-to-day occasions. During the application of Flat Cashmire lashes, you can easily customize the effect to make it more intense or more subtle. If your client is planning to prepare for a special occasion, you will want to make the effect as stunning and glamorous as possible. On the other hand, if your client simply wants to enhance their daily appearance, you will want to make the extensions more toned down.

Noble Lashes – supplier of premium Flat Cashmire lashes

Noble Lashes offers a selection of high-quality Flat Cashmire lashes palettes, which mix and match individual lashes of varying lengths. Varying curl types and thickness levels are also available, allowing you to adjust the treatment to many different clients with different needs. It is very important to properly choose the type of eyelashes to apply to every individual client, or else the effect may not turn out so well. Even though Flat Cashmire lashes are very universal and will fit every woman well, to create the best effect we still recommend careful study of your clients. To improve the effect even further, we recommend choosing individual eyelashes of different lengths. At Noble Lashes, you will be able to find Flat Cashmire lashes of lengths between 8 and 13 millimetres, allowing you to easily create a fascinating collage for your clients.

High-quality beauty products offered at Noble Lashes

Apart from false eyelashes and supplies for eyelash extension treatments, we offer a whole range of beauty products. All of our cosmetics and accessories go through extensive research and development, with very strict testing rules, to ensure all of our products remain the highest quality on the market and are safe to use even for people with allergies and sensitive skin. In our offer, you will find an arrangement of eyelash adhesives, individual lashes, cleansers, tweezers, primers, removers, application accessories, cosmetic lamps, and many more care products. We also cater to professional businesses, supplying promotional materials and publications to use in a beauty salon. Finally, we also conduct a number of training courses, which will teach you the secrets and techniques of stylising and allow you to perform various new treatments on your clients. Whether you need flat eyelashes or any related accessories, we are ready to provide you with comprehensive assistance!

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