Mink Lashes Mini

If you’ve been keeping up to date with the beauty world, you will probably know already that false eyelashes and eyelash extensions are gaining more and more popularity with every day. Women all over the world want to improve their appearance not only for selected social events but also on a day to day basis. Regular makeup can take up to hours, and visiting a beauty salon for makeup every day is very expensive and time-consuming. Due to that, artificial eyelashes are very often used, as their application takes only a couple of minutes. Moreover, they can make a whole look on their own, allowing you to enjoy yourself every day without losing precious time. Eyelash extensions, on the other hand, can reduce the hassle even further, as all you need is a visit to the beauty salon every couple of weeks! One of the more popular models of lashes are Mink Lashes Mini, which are a premium choice for salon owners and beginner stylists alike.

What are Mink Lashes Mini?

Noble Lashes presents one of the most demanded types of eyelashes on the market – Mink Lashes Mini. These lashes will allow you to create gorgeous compositions for your clients, who will undoubtedly love the results. If you are already familiar with regular mink lashes, Mink Lashes Mini is a smaller equivalent of the standard product. These lashes are packed into a smaller cassette, which makes them easier to move around and transport than the regular ones. This makes them especially useful for door-to-door stylists, who can now take only precisely what they need for a single treatment, without having to carry all of their collection. One box of Mink Lashes Mini contains six strips of silky-smooth lashes, which have a universal style and will fit every woman. You can choose through different types of those lashes on our website, as we include various lengths, curls, and even colours!

Are Mink Lashes Mini made out of real mink fur?

Here at Noble Lashes, we firmly believe in taking responsibility for our environment. It is up to us to take care of the animals and ecosystems around the world. If we really try our best and change our habits to be more eco-friendly, we can change the world to be a better place. That is why our Mink Lashes Mini are made out of 100% synthetic materials. Our synthetic lashes do not sacrifice their quality, though, as they look just as good as the natural ones. Moreover, the use of synthetic materials gives them much more flexibility, which means we can create many different types of Mink Lashes Mini for you to use. We want the well-being of animals to be our priority, and we wholeheartedly recommend you do the same. Your clients will surely see you in a different light and appreciate your contribution to helping our planet.

Mink Lashes Mini – premium choice of artificial lashes

The Mink Lashes Mini we sell at Noble Lashes are perfectly stylised to resemble natural mink lashes, without harming any animals in the process. The material we use to produce the lashes is highly elastic, which makes it blend in seamlessly with your natural eyelashes. Moreover, since the packaging sizes are smaller with the Mini version than with the regular one, you will be able to hoard more types of lashes for a much smaller cost. Mink Lashes Mini are also a perfect choice for beginner beauty salon owners or mobile beauticians, as it will be much more affordable to introduce more variety to your offer. Your clients will be very diverse, and so having as many different lengths, thicknesses and types of eyelashes as possible makes you more attractive to the customers. Furthermore, Mink Lashes Mini are a very delicate and light model of eyelash extensions, which means they won’t feel heavy or cumbersome on your clients’ eyes. They are also very easy to apply, and the whole treatment takes less time than with regular false lashes.

Are synthetic Mink Lashes Mini better than natural ones?

While many heartless sellers dealing with natural fur claim that synthetic materials will never look as good as natural fur, we want to prove them wrong. That is why we have spent extensive time on research and development of our Mink Lashes Mini, to make them not only look just as good as natural fur, but even better. Our synthetic mink fur replacement provides a much better effect than real mink fur and it’s also much more durable and lightweight. Not only will your clients feel comfortable with these eyelashes on their eyes, but they will also be able to enjoy a fresh look for much longer. The use of synthetic materials also allows us to easily customize the length, shape, and thickness of the lashes. It also allows us to create different colours of the lashes without lowering the quality. Finally, working with synthetic mink lashes is more comfortable for the stylist, and we even use a special eyelash adhesive to make removing the lashes from the strip doable with one swift motion.

What types of Mink Lashes Mini are there?

Noble Lashes offers a wide variety of Mink Lashes Mini, including different lengths, curl types, thickness levels, and colours. For stylists looking for varied packagings of lashes to cater to as many different clients as possible, we recommend one of our mix cassettes, which come with varying lengths of lashes, and you can specify the thickness you want before you add the product to your shopping cart. However, if you need a whole box of a specific length, we also provide those. When it comes to the colours of our Mink Lashes Mini, Noble Lashes provides a whole spectrum of shades to choose from. In our offer, you will find lashes in white, silver, green, pink, red, wine, hot pink, malachite, orange, brown, ombre, and even rainbow colours! Make sure to browse through our full collection to see all of the available types of lashes.

Noble Lashes – suppliers of premium beauty products

Apart from Mink Lashes Mini, Noble Lashes features a wide arrangement of other beauty items for professional and individual clients alike. We offer eyelashes in trays of various types, including Russian Volume and our new ECO Volume lines, as well as Camelia Lashes, and training lashes for stylists to practice on. Moreover, we offer a high-quality selection of removers, cleansers, primers, and care products, as well as application accessories and cosmetic lamps. For more experienced beauticians, we offer microblading and permanent makeup supplies, including henna, to provide longer-lasting services to their clients.

Training courses and promotional services for business owners

If you would like to become a professional yourself, Noble Lashes also organizes training courses for beginner stylists, after which you will earn a certificate that will grant you the ability to perform some of the more difficult treatments. If you need help advertising your beauty salon and keeping your clients interested in your business, we also offer a number of promotional materials and publications that you can use in your salon. This will help you reach out to a larger number of potential clients!

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