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Have you ever found yourself in a situation, where you needed to get ready for a party, but simply had no time to put on all the makeup? Depending on the effect you want to achieve, regular makeup can easily take up to a couple of hours, but you can’t always afford to spend all that time. Sometimes a simple mascara might make a look on its own, but what if your lashes are too short or too thin for the mascara to make them look glamorous? If you can’t achieve the desired effect with simple cosmetics, we recommend you try eyelash extensions, which can quickly fix the shortcomings of your natural lashes. Out of the many types of false lashes out there, our new line of Mink Lashes Smart is one of the most versatile and appealing types of lashes, ones which can create a gorgeous, highlighted look, while still retaining the natural feeling of your lashes.

Reasons to choose Mink Lashes Smart

While Noble Lashes offers a wide selection of various false eyelashes and related beauty products, Mink Lashes Smart is one of our most popular items, as they create a gorgeous effect that will satisfy even the pickiest of clients. What’s more, these lashes are extremely easy and quick to apply, making them a favourite choice of many stylists. The Smart model of our mink lashes has been produced out of the highest quality synthetic materials, without harming any animals. Even without the use of natural fur, Mink Lashes Smart feel light as a feather and are silky smooth, remaining almost unnoticeable on the eyes while still providing a stunning effect. Noble Lashes also features a variety of types of Mink Lashes Smart, so make sure to browse through our offer to find the ones you need. The Mink Lashes Smart line comes in smaller boxes than our regular Mink Lashes, which comes in especially handy to beginner stylists, who won’t need to stock up as heavily to cater to a variety of clients.

Are Mink Lashes Smart made out of real mink fur?

Similarly to our other lines of products labelled as Mink Lashes, Mink Lashes Smart do not use any real mink fur and no animals were harmed during the production process. Noble Lashes firmly believes in protecting natural ecosystems and does not contribute to exploiting helpless animals. Every type of false eyelashes found at Noble Lashes has been crafted out of highest quality synthetic materials, resulting in premium products which provide results better than natural fur, while remaining eco-friendly. If you want to help us make the world a better place, switch from using natural fur lashes to synthetic ones, which not only are much safer for the environment, but they actually look much better than real fur lashes. Synthetic lashes are also much more affordable, for the clients and salon owners alike.

Mink Lashes Smart – high quality and comfort 

In the pursuit of making our products better and better, we have spent time and resources to develop the perfect pair of lashes, combining a lightweight structure and durability. Usually, most lashes are very fragile, as the materials used in their creation are cheap and low quality. Here at Noble Lashes, we have managed to create a high-quality material which does not feel heavy on your lashes, allowing you to wear them comfortably every day. After application, the lashes will hold on for a couple of weeks, longer than what regular artificial lashes may offer. The lashes are profiled to fit every woman, and their texture is as soft as real mink fur. They also possess a slight shine to them, reflecting the light in a sophisticated way. Finally, they are very flexible, which makes them blend in perfectly with your real eyelashes.

What types of Mink Lashes Smart do you offer?

Noble Lashes provides a number of models of Mink Lashes Smart to select from, allowing you to cater to different clients. Since every single customer has their separate needs, we have included a large number of curl types. As you scroll down to the product selection, you will notice packagings with the letters B, C, D, J, and L. These are all the curl types we offer at Noble Lashes, from the straightest one to the curliest one. If you’re looking for a model as similar to natural hair as possible, we recommend the J curl, which also fits perfectly for women with close-set eyes. Moreover, the J curl mimics a natural curve of the eyelashes more realistically than most other ones. For simple and subtle creations, recommend your clients the B curl, which works perfectly for day-to-day occasions. The C curl is located in the middle of the spectrum, providing a moderately-curved effect which is extremely versatile and works great during special occasions, as well as on a daily basis. The D curl is one of the most glamorous ones, providing a heavy highlight and a spectacular effect. Choose these ones for once in a lifetime occasions!

Is there any difference between models of Mink Lashes Smart besides the curl?

Yes, our models also differ in terms of length and thickness between packagings. At Noble Lashes, you will be able to find Mink Lashes Smart in thickness between 0,05 mm and 0,25mm, which creates a wide range of choice. The less thick lashes are especially useful for women with fragile and thin natural eyelashes, as they are much lighter than their thicker equivalents. However, their effect is not as spectacular. For the most spectacular effect, we recommend Mink Lashes Smart between 0,20 mm and 0,25 mm of thickness. With professional salon owners in mind, we have made our boxes of Mink Lashes Smart contain fewer eyelashes each, which allows you to buy a wider variety of the lashes at an affordable price.

Noble Lashes – a professional supplier of premium beauty and skincare products

While Noble Lashes specialises in eyelash extensions and artificial eyelashes, such as Mink Lashes Smart, we also provide a wide arrangement of other beauty products, including accessories and cosmetics. Application accessories are very important tools for every stylist, as their precision dictates the quality of the treatment. That is why the tweezers and applicators you will find at Noble Lashes are high-quality products, which will ensure your clients’ happiness. You will also find an arrangement of cleaners, primers, and removers in our offer, as well as a selection of cosmetics and conditioners for eyelash care.

Permanent makeup supplies for business owners

If you own a beauty salon which offers permanent makeup and microblading services, Noble Lashes offers some of the highest quality supplies available on the market for those treatments, including a wide selection of blades and pens. We also offer a wide variety of training utilities, such as practice skins, 3D practice pads, and whole training heads. If you want to add some of these treatments to your offer, Noble Lashes organizes certified courses, which will grant you the knowledge and skills required to perform even the hardest cosmetic treatments on your clients. We want to be your go-to place for all your eyelash extensions and related needs!

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