Ombre Lashes

While some women have been gifted with naturally long and thick lashes, many of us have not been as lucky. Fragile and brittle hair can easily lead to a lack of confidence and even more pressing issues, as women do not feel comfortable with the way their eyelashes look. That is why many of them decide to fight with their unfortunate genetics by getting eyelash extensions, which can easily make the lashes appear fuller and healthier. They are also a great way to prepare yourself for a social event or a party, as they only require a simple treatment once every couple of weeks, which means you won’t have to spend hours upon hours applying makeup every time you want to go out. Eyelash extensions are all the rage right now, as more and more women choose it over other beauty treatments, as they are very affordable and the effects are stunning. One of the types of eyelash extensions are ombre lashes, which provide truly gorgeous results, perfect if you want to look dramatic.

What are ombre lashes?

In contrary to most standard types of artificial eyelashes, ombre lashes do not have a single, uniform colour. A vast majority of eyelash extensions are fully black, creating a sophisticated, yet monotone look. Ombre lashes, instead, utilize a gradient on the end of each lash, which creates a unique and marvellous effect. While most of the lash is black, as is the case with other eyelash models, the tip is covered in a vibrant pigment, which gives the lashes a fancy flair. Just as ombre hair highlights are widely popular, ombre lashes are becoming more and more common every year. The name “ombre” comes from French, meaning “shadow”, which is a perfect way to describe the effect those lashes provide. The final effect is stunning and dramatic, perfect for parties and important occasions. They are also very popular for themed events, such as various carnivals, Halloween parties, and even weddings. Adding ombre lashes to your collection, as a professional stylist, will undoubtedly appeal to clients who look for something extra!

What types of ombre lashes are available?

Noble Lashes provides a selection of premium ombre lashes in small cassettes of mixed eyelashes. The handy palettes provide a convenient way of storing the eyelashes, and the small quantity makes the product perfect for beginner stylists and door-to-door beauticians, who won’t have to buy bulk amounts of every single lash type. Moreover, the cassettes mix lashes of various lengths, including 9 mm, 11 mm, and 13 mm. With this, you will be able to cater to clients of different needs using just this one palette, which is especially useful for mobile stylists, as they won’t have to bring with them their whole supply of eyelashes – a single packaging is all that you will need! You can also specify the thickness of the lashes. When it comes to the selection of colours, Noble Lashes provides ombre lashes that combine black and pink, as well as black and purple, both designed to create a spectacular look.

Are there other colours available?

Yes! We constantly strive to expand our ombre lashes collection with new colours. Make sure to check our offer frequently, as we often add additional colours and curl types to our selection of eyelash extensions. If the ombre lashes colours we provide are not enough for you, we encourage you to check our collection of coloured lashes, which utilize a much more liberal palette of shades. At Noble Lashes, you will find brown, orange, malachite, wine, hot pink, red, pink, green, silver, white, and more colours of eyelash extensions, all available in similar palettes of mixed lengths. We also have a very special and unique type of coloured eyelashes available – rainbow lashes! These funky lashes combine a whole range of colours, making for a perfect choice to pick for costume parties and less official events.

What are the benefits of ombre lashes?

Apart from providing a unique look, which after application will make your eyes look as if they were shadow-painted, the ombre lashes sold at Noble Lashes are high-quality products, which have been developed to be durable and flexible. The lashes provide a reflective shine, which looks dark in artificial light, but comes to life in daylight as the colour becomes more visible and highlighted. The ombre lashes we provide are also very soft and delicate, but also extremely light, which makes them perfect for the application using both a regular 1:1 method, as well as 2D and 3D techniques. Our lashes are held inside of the packaging using a professional tape, which holds them together well while not in use, but at the same times makes it very easy to unpluck them when needed. 

Ombre lashes – how to properly choose their colour

As is customary with any type of eyelash extensions, they should be carefully chosen according to each and every client. Eyelashes that look great on one of your clients may not look as stunning on another. The basic principle when choosing eyelashes for your clients is to match them with the colour of their eyes, as the final effect needs to be harmonious with the rest of your client’s appearance. When it comes to ombre lashes, there are two basic choices – you can go with a more dramatic look by combining contrasting colours, or a more neutral one, which utilizes complimenting colours. For example, if you combine bright shades with a hint of dark colours, the effect will definitely bring the attention of everyone around. While this is a great way to stylize your client for a party, you would usually go for a more complimentary colour palette in case of a day-to-day makeover.

Noble Lashes – more than just ombre lashes

Apart from our premium selection of ombre lashes, Noble Lashes provides a wide variety of other eyelash extensions and beauty products. In our offer, you will find high-quality false eyelashes, meant to be used with 1:1 techniques, but also 2D all the way to 5D methods. Russian Volume lashes, Flat Cashmire lashes, and artificial Mink lashes are also part of our selection. However, eyelashes are not all that a beauty salon needs. We provide supplies and accessories to both professional beauty salons, as well as beginner stylists. In our wide range of products, you will find premium eyelash adhesives, cleaners, primers, removers, and conditioners. 

Professional-grade accessories and tools at Noble Lashes

We also provide various application accessories, such as mascara wands, applicators, tweezers, and cosmetic lamps. Moreover, we supply beauty salons with professional permanent makeup supplies, including products meant for microblading, eyelash and eyebrow tinting with henna, and semi-permanent mascara. If you want to better promote your salon to your clients, we also offer a wide selection of promotional materials and publications, as well as comprehensive surveys which you can use to better assess your client’s needs. Always remember to survey your clients before any treatment, as it is very important to establish any contraindications before you begin your work.

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