Y & W Lashes (2D/3D)

Since there are so many types of eyelashes and eyelash extension techniques, the choice can get quite overwhelming. Moreover, since different shops sell different types of lashes, you never know for sure the quality of the product until you get it. Noble Lashes wants to provide you with an as broad selection of beauty products as possible, all in premium quality. While shopping at Noble Lashes, satisfaction is guaranteed. In our offer, you will find a whole range of false eyelashes of different types and models, including Y & W lashes (2D/3D), which are some of the most commonly used lashes for eyelash extension. 

What are Y & W lashes (2D/3D)? 

Y & W lashes (2D/3D), also respectively called 2:1 and 3:1, are techniques used in eyelash extension treatments. Eyelash extensions are gaining more and more popularity lately, as women move from simple false lashes which they can apply at home, to professional eyelash extensions applied at renowned beauty salons. This way, women can enjoy gorgeous eyelashes for way longer. Instead of fragile artificial lashes that last only a single day, professional eyelash extensions can last up to a couple of weeks, depending on the condition of your lashes and expertise of the stylist. Some of the newest lash extension techniques make use of Y & W lashes (2D/3D). The Y lashes are used for eyelash extensions using the 2:1 method, while W lashes are used for the 3:1 method.

Y & W lashes (2D/3D) – What are 2D and 3D methods?

The traditional method of applying eyelash extensions is a 1:1 method. This old-fashioned, although still very effective method, utilises a single artificial eyelash for every single of your natural eyelashes. That means, that only one synthetic hair is attached to every one of your eyelashes. Similarly, in 2D methods, also called 2:1, two eyelashes are attached to one natural eyelash. In 3D, as you might have already guessed, three eyelashes are used. Increasing the number of eyelashes attached to individual hairs creates a more glamorous effect, with a large increase in volume. Those methods used to be frowned upon, as the lashes were so heavy that it was not only uncomfortable but actually unhealthy to wear more than one artificial eyelash on a single natural lash. However, with the newest advances in technology and modern synthetic materials, artificial eyelashes are way lighter than they used to be. Nowadays, you might even get eyelash extensions done with a 5D technique, which uses as much as 5 lashes for a single natural eyelash!

Advantages of 2D methods

If you want to give the 2D method a try, Y type lashes are the ones used for that. The name of these types of lashes comes from the shape they take when put into a bundle, which looks like letter Y. If you’re a salon owner or a door-to-door stylist, adding 2D lashes to your offer will certainly make your services more lucrative for your clients. While there is a wide variety of effects that you can achieve using a simple 1:1 technique, there is even more variety if you introduce more eyelashes. Moreover, Y lashes are still relatively easy to apply, which means even beginner stylists should not have any problems with the treatment. 2D eyelashes are also very durable, as the effects are common to last as long as 6 weeks, or even longer if your lashes are in good condition. However, if you want the effect to stay truly gorgeous for the whole time, we recommend visiting a beauty salon every two weeks to have your lashes redone.

What about 3D methods?

While 2D methods give more highlight to your lashes than 1:1 eyelashes, they are still relatively simple and subtle. They work perfectly on a day-to-day basis, and are great to wear to work or school. However, sometimes there are occasions which require a little more flair of you than a simple day at work. If an official party or a wedding comes into play, you will definitely want to look your best. 3D methods are perfect for that, as their effect is more intense than what 2D offers. To each individual eyelash, three artificial ones are attached, which gives your eyelashes breathtaking volume. You won’t have to worry about such setup being uncomfortable, as the W lashes sold by Noble Lashes are expertly crafted to be as light and thin as possible. You won’t even be able to feel them on your eyelids! For professional stylists, we recommend adding W lashes to their offer, as more and more women decide for bold makeovers.

Y & W lashes (2D/3D) – what models are available?

Noble Lashes not only offers a wide variety of eyelash extension types, but also sells a selection of models of every type. For example, when it comes to Y & W lashes (2D/3D), various types of curls are available, including B, C, and D. The B curl is a very simple curl, which offers little more lift than your natural eyelashes. It’s great for casual occasions, and also for clients who do not want to feel lashes in the inner corner of their eye. The C curl is a compromise between B and D, looking great for both casual and formal occasions. It is also the most popular curl type, as its versatility means clients won’t have to change their eyelashes as often. The D curl gives the most lift out of these three models, creating very visible lash lines. For a sophisticated, dramatic effect, perfect for a trip to a theatre or opera, recommend your clients a D curl. Apart from various curls, Noble Lashes also offers packagings of various eyelash length and thickness. Moreover, each palette holds ready-made bundles of various types, allowing you to spend less money to gather all of them.

Are Y & W lashes (2D/3D) difficult to apply?

The treatment of applying Y & W lashes (2D/3D) does not differ much from most 1:1 eyelash extensions. When it comes to the client, it is recommended to remove your makeup, but it should not be required, as the stylist should do that for you anyway. The first step for a stylist when treating clients with 2:1 and 3:1 lashes is to remove any leftovers of your client’s makeup and previous lashes, if they had them done before. To do that, you will need good quality remover. After cleaning the area, the primer is applied, even before the adhesive. Primer increases the effects of the treatment and increases its durability, allowing it to last way longer. Before the false lashes are glued into place, a cleaner will also be required to clean your client’s natural lashes. During the treatment itself, it is helpful to use eye pads and professional tape, which absorb any droops. You will find all of those products at Noble Lashes, which supplies renowned beauty salons all over Europe. Our products go through meticulous testing to ensure outstanding quality. 

Professional cosmetic training courses at Noble Lashes

Apart from providing stylists with professional beauty supplies, Noble Lashes organises training sessions, during which you will be able to earn a certificate that allows you to perform various treatments on your clients. From simple eyelash extensions to microblading and permanent makeup, there is a whole range to choose from. If you’re interested in becoming a professional yourself, or extending your skills if you’re already one, our veteran teachers will happily share their vast knowledge with you.

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